In the Children's Church class we try to help children build a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. Class starts at 10:45am. We pass out a snack and do our best to further teach and help them understand the lesson using the King James Version of the Bible and ask that they memorize a scripture for the next week. We also help enforce the lesson with handouts, crafts, guest speakers, or a movie. We use what we feel will best help enforce the lesson for that week. At the end of each day we remind the children to bring their Bibles and invite friends for next week. We also check the next class to see as to who has the memory verse from the previous week memorized. We reward the children who have the memory verse, their bible, and/or brought a friend with a small prize each week. Children who do these things continually for a month will receive a bigger prize at the end of the month for their faithfulness.